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41 Chrysler Carb Rebuild Recommendations

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Hi, I  am looking for recommendations of a carb rebuilder for a 41 Chrysler, Carter Single Barrel with Fluid Drive Vacamatic Vacuum piston hookups for the distributor and trans. I bought a rebuild kit but decided to let a professional do it right once. Thanks for your responses! Rob

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On 7/25/2022 at 10:19 PM, Joe Cocuzza said:

Try contacting AACA member "carbking"

Good Morning, Since I am new to the forum I can't message any members. If Carbking reads this  please contact me to provide a website and info I can look at to send my carburetor for rebuilding. Thanks, Rob

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I believe CarbKIng is no longer rebuilding , but is selling premium kits.

He will be along shortly to verify.

With the right books and information you can do it yourself. If no one has been in the carb and messed it up,

A clean out and kit usually is enough.

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Carbking is no longer restoring, due to the time constraint from the production of carburetor kits.


I have been looking for a qualified rebuilder to recommend since I lost my friend Larry at Classic Carbs in Phoenix, and they closed the doors.


So far, have not found anyone to recommend.


I have said this before, but currently there is a TERRIFIC market for a competent carburetor rebuilder/restorer. We turn down an average of 20~25 jobs weekly.


As to the carburetor belonging to the OP; this is NOT a carburetor for an amateur. The BBR design by Chrysler, and sublet to Carter for production, is (opinion) up there with the Rochester B, and a few others for worst downdraft carburetor design.


If carbking were still restoring carburetors, he would not do this one!


EDIT: to the OP - MOST, perhaps all, of the BBR carbs were designed such that with no throttle return spring (or a broken one), the engine would run at about 3/4 throttle!!!!! If I owned one of these, I would make certain that I used TWO throttle return springs, and would inspect them annually. The throttle return spring is what allows the engine to idle!



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Thanks Carbking for your reply- Once I looked at the exploded view of the carb in the shop manual, and realized the trans shifting is directly linked to the carb functioning correctly I decided to let a professional rebuild it. I had already purchased the rebuild kit from OldMoparts and it looks complete, so I will send that with the carb- I am going to call a few people and see if anyone has experience with this carb. Have an awesome day. Health is Wealth! Rob

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