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Early Haynes Apperson's

R Holden

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Hi Bob.  Really glad to hear from you. You are right the group is small. I have found a few parts, only very lucky so far with really no contact with actual owners. I did call the Haynes museum only to talk with a secretary.

my son and I found our car in South Dakota from a gentleman who just bought the car back from a museum in Murdo S Dakota. He had sold it to them in 1961. I first saw the car in 1990 in the museum. While on a trip to Mount Rushmore in 2021 with a stop over in murdo the car was gone. Long story short, I found the owner and got the car bought. Thanks Roy.

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Lots of great history from the company and their founder. I was born and grew up 30 miles from Kokomo and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that make. I wish you guys success and luck getting owners together for support and information. If I can stumble on one myself I’ll buy one to join you guys!

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