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My last 2 days and my 1921

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Well Mark how is working on your 21 Dodge going?
Let me tell you;
Trying to get the brakes to work. Changed out the right side service band, made a new clevis pin for the lever to band and installed, setup.
Checking the left side, things looked ok, except, the backing plate casting is lose on the axle so the whole things shifts when you apply the brakes. Checked the tapered set screw that holds it in place, it is in as far as it can go.
Got every thing pretty well dialed in then when to hook up the rod between the equalizer and arm under the crossmember, it's too short! Someone cut it down. It is hooked up, the levers in the rear are too far forward. Pedal goes to the floor and sorta stops.
Test drive yesterday around the block with brakes somewhat working, engine was kicked and bucked, almost didn't make it home.
Spent today working on the ignition and carb. Got it to run pretty good after getting inconstant fire at the points. Swaped those out for better ones. Also found that the spring in the coil wire was not making contact with coil, but don't think it was working all that well so took it out and put a modern coil and resister in its place. The condenser seem ok when I checked it.
Decided to change out the pulley on the water pump/distributor shaft. Some one had used a cotter pin to install and was wobbly. Took it off, the key way was blasted out and hole worn. Guess it will go back on for now. The fan needs bushings too!
Need a new head gasket, it is bubbling on the right-side rear. The rear exhaust manifold stud is too. Along with the old oil pan gasket that needs replacing, it has some weepy areas.
Ok everything is doable. 🤩
 Adding on to above; there still is the wrong wheels, tires that only pass for tires, wrong back half of the body, pillows for seats...the list goes on and on and...! Did take it for a short drive with the fan still off, that was a mistake. I don't think I have seen my Model T spout that much water! LOL Oh! I did take up the clevis at the pedal some. Bands are dragging some, which could be why if overheated, but brakes did stop the car.
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This sounds like how my summer is going except for the fact that I haven't got to the short test drives yet.  It seems like the list is never ending and as soon as one thing gets close to dialed in something else comes up.  


It's all good fun though right?

Good Luck.

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Keep up the good work boys the journey is what it is all about.

I was privileged to ride shotgun in a 1915 with no floorboards, no bonnet (hood) no guards, no doors, no seats (just a plank) a coffee can with a coat hangar threaded through it hung off the back of the tub and he drove it on a single track windy hilly backroad like he was running late for the train, most exhilarating. 
if your car is finished then a lot of the fun stops.


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