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My 29 Buick


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My 29 Buick at old westbury gardens at the local aaca meet won first place and first major show winning first place .. wondering if this car would be good enough for aaca fall nationals in Hershey . 


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Yeah, I have a new exhaust waiting for the car and Putting on my spare manifold that I just got re done .  On your 29 are you lucky enough to have a crank hole cover ? Does your water temp gauge work ? That’s on my list to get worked on 

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AACA judging in the regular classes ( excluding Driver participation and HPOF ( historic preservation of original features)) I first judged for correctness.  Is the car as it left the factory? Second is condition.  Is the car in like new condition?  On correctness, if the judges have a question about correctness, it is up to you to show documentation. The judging sheets look at exterior, interior, engine bay, undercarriage and trunk.  


Just looking at your car from the single photo I don't see anything that would prevent you from receiving an award.  


See you at Hershey!!


Bob Engle

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