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1930 chrysler 70 series

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Hi am wondering if anyone can help with identifying this vehicle I have recently purchased. 1930 chrysler 70 series tourer. I am keen to try and rediscover as much history on vehicle as possible,

Engine number 303029-4H the 4 is positioned above the H not beside  Vehicle is in Australia. 








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lol. my limit was 20k. 


I still think it was good value for what you paid.  The owner had it advertised for $29k elsewhere.


Is there a body builders tag (ie. Holden, TJR, etc) anywhere on the car?


If you are on Facebook, couple of groups you can post to for more info on it.


Australian Chrysler Side Valve Trading Post | Facebook

1930-1950 Dodge/Plymouth in Australia (Early Mopar Only) | Facebook

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I own two 1930 model 70's and have for several years. I can show you how to upgrade the water pump and axle seals to lip seals to prevent leaks,also if the old rawhide axle seals have cut into your wheel hubs, I have a quick and easy repair for that too. None of the upgrades show when finished. 

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