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  1. Probably not. It does not have the correct motor for some judged event. I bought it from a Hollywood broker and he got it from a movie studio.
  2. Car theft isn't even a crime in the city across from me and the city is rated 3rd in stolen cars. Read an article that said the best deterrent to a car thief is stick shift.
  3. Yesterday I took delivery of my 1930 Chrysler Series 70 Roadster. In general it is in excellent shape. There's a bit of nicks in the paint, park brake doesn't work, a couple small cuts in the leather. Also, it drives like a Mac Truck; a Mac truck with out power steering. Got a huge bargain, $ 17,000, well I thought so anyway. It isn't restoration correct as it has a 1950's Chrysler 25" Spitfire motor. The original had 70 hp and this is 119 hp. Any work and restoration will have to wait until my white 1957 T-Bird is out of the shop - rust! I had some upgrades to make it a dependable driver, power disc brakes anti sway bars, electric wipers, etc. Everything was going fine until they found rust, a lot of it in and around the doors.
  4. Oh what a treasure. Keep us informed with photos of the restoration progress.
  5. I do 3D models of antique cars. The posted pictures on this site is of tremendous help to me. I mainly create screensavers. Here is a link to a FREE (all of mine are free) antique car screensaver I recently created. Be sure to read the "Readme" file attached for installation instructions. Download CARS.zip - FileSwap.com
  6. Rhino 3.0 and painted with Deep Paint 3D and PhotoShop 7.0
  7. I'm baaaaaack! I don't know if it's allowed but here's a couple views of a 1925 Star I've completed. I know, I know, all you experts will point out flaws. It's for a screen saver I'm working on and a highly detailed model takes a long time to render thus, like in a video game, the graphics are a bit crude. Rounded surfaces, like wheels are especially difficult. The model is composed of thousands of polygons and the more the computer has to render the slower it gets. Oh well, thanks folks for the pictures, I ysed them to assemble this model. Next a 1926 Rickenbacker Series E Famous 6. Mike3121
  8. What no bullet holes in the door?
  9. test-ML-434933-ML- Sent it to the top. Interesting topic! RWB
  10. Hi, new guy here. I've always loved the old "square cars". I once owned two 55 T-birds - sold my last one for $600 while at Ft Ord, CA. Right now I'm creating 3D models of antique cars for a screen saver I'm making. I want to develop a generic antique car frame and suspension that I can use with various cars. Computers are not yet powerful enough to support the graphics of a highly detailed car, the frame rate on an animation would grind it to a crawl. Antique car pictures are all over, books, web pictures but little if any close up detailed pictures of the leaf springs, steering arms, etc. If anyone can point me to a site I'd sure appreciate it. Mike3121
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