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  1. Car theft isn't even a crime in the city across from me and the city is rated 3rd in stolen cars. Read an article that said the best deterrent to a car thief is stick shift.
  2. Yesterday I took delivery of my 1930 Chrysler Series 70 Roadster. In general it is in excellent shape. There's a bit of nicks in the paint, park brake doesn't work, a couple small cuts in the leather. Also, it drives like a Mac Truck; a Mac truck with out power steering. Got a huge bargain, $ 17,000, well I thought so anyway. It isn't restoration correct as it has a 1950's Chrysler 25" Spitfire motor. The original had 70 hp and this is 119 hp. Any work and restoration will have to wait until my white 1957 T-Bird is out of the shop - rust! I had some upgrades to make it a dependable driver, po
  3. Oh what a treasure. Keep us informed with photos of the restoration progress.
  4. What no bullet holes in the door?
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