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Custom plastic lens manufacuring

Linus Tremaine

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34 minutes ago, 61polara said:

West, thanks for the referral, but my process really isn't workable for high volume work.  There are several people I know in AACA who have experience in injection molding that I'll reach out to if no one responds.


i was going with a 500 quantity in hopes of buying several years worth of supply to get the cost down. I really would only be needing smaller quantities (maybe 20) but at somewhat regular intervals. If nothing else that I find makes sense maybe we can still try to work together. Its hard to ignore such a good review from west! 



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Your quantity of 20 at a time seems more like what one would cast, not injection mold.  For  500 parts, a tooling source is more important than the molder - you may decrease the cost if you do as an insert that can fit in a standard "MUD" frame - lots of small molders have those. I assume you're going to use PMMA for the lens.

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