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  1. jon, Thats funny, I was just doing that! There is a 1922 speedster that I prefer but I keep being told not to pay the asking price, so I am going to go look at the green one. I have spoken to the owner and I think its a great car, but I just dont like it as much as the 1922 and 1923 ones. I just cant find a good one for sale. :L
  2. This car belongs to one of the club members and I am considering going to look at it. I dont have very many photos, just ones from the internet. Is there anything I should look at closely? Is anything incorrect? Thanks
  3. #5 is a model L lincoln. Probably a 1925 since it doesnt have a greyhound hood ornament. . Perhaps a type 152 sedan by dietrich. It has buffalo wire wheels. Strange that the visor is missing. Maybe the owner was tall and had it taken off so he could see. L
  4. i know. I really like this car (except for the color) but I just dont want a big lumbering closed car.
  5. what are you going to do with it? There are some good parts there.
  6. I didnt really know about chandler cars but there is a royal dispatch about 15 minutes from me and I went to see it and boy what a car!
  7. John, I did call and its disconnected. The seller was 86 in 2014 and I suspect he may have passed away. L
  8. here is my car at a few different times. 1935 in hyde park new york, 1953 when it was pulled from a barn in dubois wyoming, february of 1966 when its being used by lincoln collector jack passey to haul a lebaron roadster, 1992 when it was really neglected and needed the engine rebuilt and a new top and now being used at auto camp
  9. My lincoln and my 1935 tent trailer. Smell like canvas and it all whines when you use it.
  10. damn. Only six years too late! Anyone know where this car is now?>
  11. Since I have been searching for an early 20s touring car, I have sent alot of emails to sellers and have seen alot of photos. This buick is for sale on the HCCA site and I reached out to the seller. I have decided that it is not the car for me but I want to help Dale as much as I can by sharing the photos he sent. He is not very good at working with photos and the internet but he has what could be a great car. Someone should buy it. I think it will need a new top right away. It is supposed to have a rebuilt engine and other significant work but it was done by the previous owner. Dale would love to find it a good home. Here is the link for the HCCA site: Here is his phone number 1-2073990437
  12. john, That may be of interest to me. How can I see some photos? Linus
  13. i wonder how desert classics got it on their site. I maintain the registry of Model L lincolns for the club. I called desert classics and asked for the serial number and he wasnt very nice and said I had to buy it to get it. This looks to have some later engine parts in it. If its actually a 23 then maybe not. I need the engine number and the serial number off the firewall tag to be sure. From a Lincoln perspective, this has about a 2000 dollar value. From an antique short bus perspective? I dont know.
  14. I love the look of it, but its not what I am looking for. I hate to pass on any car when I am having such a hard time finding what I want, but thats just not it.
  15. that seems like a great car too. I was considering earlier cars, but the four wheel brakes are appealing. I should stay away for fear of losing focus! Any idea what they are asking?
  16. Splash for crank but oil pump for cam and valves and things.
  17. I am struggling with this - I have a 1930 car with four wheel brakes, but I want an earlier car. I am a little over 6 feet so I have been looking at mid size cars and bigger(ish) six cylinder engines. I do want to drive the car alot, but I just dont see a way around having two wheel brakes. Unless I find something that has been converted. I could get a 24 buick or chrysler with four wheel brakes, but I dont much care for those cars. Still hunting. Need to see more cars in person. L
  18. Ed, this will be for the car that I dont own yet, but something like 33x4.5 I plan to run blackwall tires. A fabric cover with a slogan or an image or just the name of the car.
  19. Is there anyone who has had a good reproduction spare tire cover made for a 1920s car? Something with advertising or text or at least the car brand stitched in? Id like to have something made for my car but I dont even know where to start. It has to be as close to period as I can get. Maybe someone here has had good luck with a project like this....
  20. no, just this particular article so that his daughter can see it. I found it already through. Thanks.
  21. Well isn’t that interesting. I’d like to get at least a special six for the sake of the larger engine. I guess that’s not the car for me. I’m talking to the owner of the two cars in PA about her late fathers big six. Far away but I am hoping it’s a better car. once again Scott, thank you for your help and I’m still hunting.