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Taillight bracket 28 DB Victory Six

Brian R Zartman

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Thanks for the photos... yeah, mine is a completely different bracket from a late teen to early 20s commercial car (I think).


Also, if you have exact dimensions maybe contact Laughing Coyote on here. He made a license/taillight bracket for me to factory specs with a couple of old photos I sent him. I wanted original parts but after searching for almost ten years I finally decided to go this route and glad I did. I'd recommend Martin to anyone who needs this sort of thing. 


Yours is a bit more complex but I bet he'd be able to tackle it.





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    I believe you are right. Do you wish to sell? If so, please let me know the cost with shipping to 24487 Williamsville, Va.  I will mail a check or money order for the total cost and you can ship it to me after you receive the payment.  Please provide an address with your response.



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