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WOW! 1931 Miller Ford 2 man race car in the style of Bugatti. Famous history. Ready to race,tour and show. $39,000 See photos !

George Albright

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Well,where do I begin? About a decade ago Randy Ema call me and said the Talmadge family of California were selling their dads race car,and would I be interested. I immediately said yes,as this car was an amazing piece of history and well known in collector car circles. For instance this car is the cover car story in the January 1978 issue of Old Car Illustrated magazine. (see below) James Jim Talmadge, son of silent film star Buster Keaton,was an avid auto collector,having owned 8 Duesenbergs. He built this yellow 1931 Ford model A chassis race car in the style of Bugatti,around 1970.He was an MGM Film exec,and found this Miller two man stagger seat Indy car body in an Indianapolis garage,next to the speedway,around 1970.He always stated from the beginning it was off of a Miller race car,though there are no documentation or body tags to prove it . It is truly a work of art and in totally amazing rust free original unwrecked condition. The Model A chassis was used and all non original Ford bodywork other than the original Miller body was done by Jim personally in his own machine shop. The European styled swept fenders are truly a work of art! Jim created an engine turned dash and installed period and WW II airplane gauges for effect. On the drivers side is a wooden tool box that has a beer cooler and picnic silverware set in it! (Jim toured this car regularly and drove it 70 MPH at times) The passenger side wood tool box is where the battery is stored. The car has Brookland windshields on it. The 50 plus year old patina throughout the car is perfect for racing,showing or touring . I am 5' 11" ,190 pounds,and I can fit snugly into the drivers seat. It will not accommodate a lager person.  When I received the car it came out of storage,and I found the original Ford Model A block with its single cam HAL ohv head to be rusted through,and unrestorable. I had my good friend and Model A and T expert Steve Ellis,also of Ocala,Fla. agree to install a totally new Model A engine. Steve went to Steve Fallucca,owner of Antique Engine Rebuilding of Skokie,Illinois for the motor. Steve has bought several engines from him with wonderful results,as he is a recognized expert in Model A engines. Fallucca provide us with a brand new short block,with balanced crank,inserted bearings,new valves,rods,pistons etc etc A brand new copy of a Winfield 7-1 compression aluminum racing head was acquired from Reds Headers. The original pair of Winfield racing carbs off of the original engine were installed on the new motor,as well as the original headers etc. The car starts and runs smooth and great and goes like heck also due to a 3:27-1 high speed rear end.At 50 MPH you are just getting started if that is your goal! The motor has under 10 hours on it. Talmadge replaced the original Ford radiator with a thick cored model and the car runs cool.The new set of period Lucas black wall tires have around 10 miles on them. I have always stored it in a climate controlled garage man cave and seldom drove it,but each time i did the experience was amazing! There are no major issues with the car that need to be address to use it. However the next owner needs to remove,replace,or rebuild the new style alternator as it is inoperable. I charge the marine deep cell battery every 6 months and that is plenty of juice to drive the car. The new tires were never balanced and need to be so. Eventually the wiring should be replaced with a new Model A Ford wiring harness. Includes two Winfield carburetor gasket rebuilding sets should you want to rebuild the carbs which is not necessary at the present. Car comes with a clear title. I am sadly selling to pursue other automotive interests. My health is fine. Time to share the "yellow beast" with a new owner. Price is $39,000 which is what I have invested in the car including all of the mechanical and engine rebuilding work. Can store for 90 days. More photos of car in present state below. Thanks for reading,Please share with your Ford and race car friends. Sincerely George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  cell 352 843 1624  weekdays 10-4 EST Best. Email: gnalbright@gmail.com 

Joseph Talmadge Keaton 1.png

1931 Yellow Ford Racecar 5.png

1931 Yellow Ford Racecar 4.png

1931 Yellow Ford Racecar 1.png

1931 Yellow Ford Racecar 3.png

Joseph Talmadge Keaton 2.jpg

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