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Loud engine squeal

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Heater hose attached to engine fire wall nipple was leaking, to gain access to this area I removed the air filter box, air hoses, and throttle body.  After repairing the hose leak, I reassembled everything.  On first

start to check for leaks, a very loud, continuous squeal came from my engine, sounding like an external sound, maybe coming from the throttle body.  My local mechanic said maybe a bad gasket on the throttle body, check that and it looked ok, don't know where to go from here, all help and advice would be appreciated.  Also, the squeal would momentarily stop each time I patted the accelerator pedal, then resume immediately after letting up on the accelerator.

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So, if you step out from the driver’s seat and stick your head under the hood, you should be able to hear where the sound is coming from. Work the throttle from your position to modify the sound if it will. 
Asking people hundreds of miles away to tell you where a sound comes from seems rather futile to me.

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Will check for vacuum leaks.


I fully realize no one can diagnose my problem from afar, my intent of this post was to see if anyone else had experience a similar problem and was able to determine the cause of the problem, I did work the throttle trying to determine exactly where the sound was coming from but could only guess it came from the throttle body, or maybe the turbocharger, but nothing was touched on the turbo when I repaired the water leak.  Thanks for you input.

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