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1972 Riviera rear clunking


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This is my first time posting. Hope someone can give me ideas on what is causing my problem.

I completed restoring my 1972 Riviera three years ago. I replaced all the springs, shocks and bushings. I torqued to service manual specifications. Ever since, I have had clunking noise that seems to come from the rear suspension when starting and stopping. It is getting worse.

If I let the car go forward a few inches and then step on brakes there is a clunk. Sometimes it will clunk a couple of times as body goes forward and back. I can not see any obvious movement of parts. Sometimes the noise is present when going over a bump.

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When you tightened the bushing bolts was the suspension up or resting on the floor.  IF they were torqued with the suspension hanging the rubber got ripped when the car was lowered to the floor resting on the suspesion tearing the rubber on the bushings. Why it's been making the noise since the beginning.


Tom T.

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