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Field of engine dreams Pgh. PA


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10 hours ago, VW4X4 said:


I don't know very much about GMC or Chevy products.... Is there a easy way to identify this engine?

The GMC has a looking different head. Someone with some GM experience will have to chime in, I think that is a 216 or a 235 Chevy.

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Lots of early GMC's had that cast into the side of the block and many of the small parts including motor mounts. That looks like a Chevy engine. The thing on the right looks like a pumpjack. Belt driven by an engine or electric motor and would drive an arm up and down with a rod down to a cylinder just like a windmill would have to pump water out of a well. 

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I'll look closer at the GMC/Chevy parts for any identifying marks. 

As for the "pumpjack" you may be right... I don't know what a "pumpjack" is but we just found out this is part of an old gas pump.

We found the rest of it and made the connection.  Unfortunately, it was smashed when the building fell down and is in very bad condition....


Stay tuned, If the weather holds out we will be pulling more engines out next week.

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The "Field of engine dreams" in  Pgh. PA    just got bigger...  We have added two flat head dodge/Plymouth 6 cylinder engines, and also a larger flat head 6 cylinder that I can't identify. A 51 Mercury flathead V8 with automatic, and complete frame.DSCF2559.JPG.41c9cdc556f93ddec1e4d759d61924a7.JPGDSCF2558.JPG.6ab6c74a618c12ec715bc2357b4d85b3.JPGDSCF2561.JPG.f63ea331d2890590cbf39db0fb046a44.JPGDSCF2559.JPG.41c9cdc556f93ddec1e4d759d61924a7.JPGDSCF2558.JPG.6ab6c74a618c12ec715bc2357b4d85b3.JPG1287450286_51mrec1DSCF2533.JPG.c126964f6a4d4674c45cde2ca5570fad.JPG

  All or any parts are available cheap.   Like to see these go to a good home rather than the scrap yard.

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The Chevy/GMC engine has been identified as a Chevy 216 W/manual trans. from the early 50's


One of the two 23" Dodge/Plymouth motors shows a P (Plymouth) and ether a "2" or an "8"......  P2, or P8 in the serial number.

The other Dodge/Plymouth motor serial number  is to far gone to identify.

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So, the final engines and other car parts have been retrieved.  Its been a lot of work, but cleaning this place up, and learning about all the interesting engines has been worth it.  Here is a video describing what we have left to proccess. Willing to part out.  Feel free the make us an offer on anything you may want.





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