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  1. I completely agree.... I'm just figuring out seals for another project right now. Its not easy. Anyone have a list of updated seals for the 36 Chrysler Airstream? ERIC
  2. Videos are always interesting...... Here's one of this car For Sale:
  3. Hey Joe, Where have you been? I hope all is well...... Anything new with the Chrysler? ERIC
  4. Thanks for your inputs here... I've decided that it might be easiest to steal the clips from outcast rims. I actually started paying attentions to every rim I see for these clips, and they are more prevalent than I had thought. ERIC
  5. Ok, I'm working on a special project where I want to use a hubcap on a wheel that it did not originally come on.. So, I have to add the clips. Does anyone know where I can buy the clips in the attached picture? ERIC
  6. Update.... Dropping the price to $1500.00 Would like to move this car soon. Come on over and make an offer.
  7. "vintage car, vintage part, vintage collection, vintage estate" In my opinion these terms are useless and are there to make the seller look like they have something to say. All I really get out of the use of this word is "old" . The word "restored" is driving me nuts these days. People using this terms completely out of place in sales adds today.... Restored..... go look at it , and some idiot stuffed a chevy v8 in it!.....
  8. Fresh out of the barn, Olds 98 1955 4DR SDN No motor, no transmission in the car, but we are fairly sure we have them. They will need a completely rebuild. Interior was eaten by raccoons. Doors, trunk, close like new. Keys are in ignition. Title in hand. Roller. Car is very complete, jack, several spare rims, trunk wheel well is intact, all glass is usable. Located in PGH. PA. looking for reasonable offers.
  9. I have a few spare I'll sell you really cheap. They definitely will need rebuilt. Great for parts. ERIC
  10. I've got a 55 Olds 98, that would make a great parts car, to complete this one. I also have an early motor and trans. that likely is likely correct for the car... ERIC
  11. Fresh out of the barn....Literally 1955 Olds 98 4DR SDN No motor or Trans. Raccoons ate the interior Other than the above , a very complete car. Even has keys in the ignition. Title in hand, Its a roller, located in PGh. PA Update: We spent some time clean up big stuff.. We were surprised the trunk spare tire well is still there.... Floors looks good, so far. We did not put it up on a lift but from what we can see on the ground the frame looks good. All the doors close like new. the trunk latch works smooth. This is going to be a driver, if not more, for someone... My bet is the first person to come look at this is going to buy it...
  12. While! That took some work... So, what about the heat riser valve? By the way, how's the body work coming along? ERIC
  13. Hi John, Good to hear from you..... As for NAPA, and other "good" auto parts here in Pgh. they all left town back in the 80's. NO auto parts here in Pgh. does real machining work. There's a few with a brake lathe, or will cut a flywheel. There's only a few full machine shops left around here, and they are the worst, over price rip off places in the country. I had to go to Ohio to get anything done in a timely manor, and drove to Indiana, several times, for more high precision custom machine work, on some Italian racing engines I rebuilt. If you want automotive machine work in Pgh. forget it..... That said there are a few good machine shops around here that will build new to print, but that's another story. ERIC
  14. Anyone know how to balance a flywheel? OR is this something a shop has to do with some expensive machines? I ask this because I am having a drive line vibration problem with a viscous coupling that needs balancing some how? ERIC
  15. My 36 Chryslers do not look like this. They have a conventional spring made out of one complete wire. I believe these, in the picture, have some sort of hook inside the spring. That said, I bet these may be compatible. ERIC
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