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  1. This is a very valuable discussion. It clearly shows all the detail Chrysler put into these cars. Specially since the 36 Airstream had so many parts that were one make, one model, one year only. Its great to be able to see all these details. Here's another interesting fact. All other standard Chrysler cars, (Dodge, Plymouth, Desoto) in 1936, had a flat one piece windshield. The Airsteam along with the Airflow, had a split windshield. On your coupe, (maybe all converts.?) Chrysler went back to the flat windshield. Now that being said I have seen a few Airstream cars that claim to be 1936
  2. Joe, Your rear bumper would be correct IF you had the rear mounted spare or rear mounted extra steamer trunk.. That's my point. Who knows, maybe all the convertible coupes came with that protruding bumper..... Does the bumper brackets have holes in it for the steamer trunk mounts? ERIC
  3. Don, Nice job ... thanks for the picture... This confirms my suspicions about the rear bumper... ERIC
  4. Joe, I went out and took a few pictures of the back of my car for you.... Unfortunately, its not very presentable at this time. I'm fairly certain that entire rear of the car is the same with the exception of the trunk lid area. Therefore I'm thinking your rear bumper should be the same... I hope this helps... ERIC
  5. Joe, I was thinking about this last night, and I could be wrong....about the bumper... The 4dr c7 and c8 cars had the spare tire in the (newly found) trunk. The coupes obviously had issues putting the spare in the trump. The spare tire in my coupe is located behind the front seat. This makes my rear bumper fairly straight similar to the front bumper. Your car, (having a rumble seat) may have had the spare tire mounted outside on the middle rear of the car. This may have required the bumper as is. That's my only guess as to why its like that. That would mean your dual side
  6. Joe, This is a very unusual speedo. It was for one make and one model year only, and only with overdrive.. BUT your in luck. Its usually the last thing in the car to be damaged by weather. I can only guess that Its a little more common than you may think. Out of all the C7 or C8 cars I've seen over the past 30 years, more than half had overdrive.. Keep you eyes on Ebay. These part can go really cheap some times... Very few people want things like this. Last the speedo is not that hard to take apart and rest the miles, as needed... ERIC
  7. Hey Joe, Some words of wisdom here..... Leave the car alone..... I've restored many cars. When they are done, you have spent some much time and money on them you don't want to even think about getting them dirty... Keep it as original as you can without making it a trailer queen. Drive it and enjoy it. Take care of it. The worst thing in the world you can do is take it all apart then give up on it. This, is all to common. IF its not (completely) broke don't fix it. When it comes to Chrysler products of the mid 30's your car is by far the b
  8. The second door handle , as noted, is correct style for a 36 Chrysler Airstream, both C7 and C8. Also several Airflow models. That being said, the Airflow model is not the same. Those had a different escutchen, which I believe was slightly different angle, and maybe be different length shaft.
  9. I've got several sets of these. looks like I can use them for my retirement plans , based on what they are going for on Epay.
  10. If such thing exists I have never ever seen them in the last 35 years, on any of the dozens of 36 Chrysler engines I've had. I'm thinking that in Australia the model year may not be the same as the US. Can you post a picture of where they are used and what they look like?
  11. Yes the head gasket, and block length are the same, 24 5/8", for 34-36. Old gaskets are not a good idea. Even the copper head gaskets had, (I think asbestos) in side of them, which over the year dries and fail apart.
  12. The clutch linkage is not shown in any book for any model. The linkage changed depending on several things: couple, sedan, overdrive, convert. Good luck finding parts. I had to make mine....
  13. I have several 1936 chrysler six cylinder ,C7, engine blocks , Heads, along with many other misc. parts. If your doing a rebuild and find a crack, I have what you need, cheap. If your missing engine components, brackets, I may also have it.... Located in Pgh. PA.
  14. You guy got it...... This add makes no sense... LOL Is there anyone moderating this group..... This should be deleted ...
  15. Sorry, but the 1936 six engine was a one year only engine. That's why its so hard to get parts for... 34, and 35 had no water jacket around the cylinders, along with several other changes.
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