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Fun Video 65.


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Thanks Gabriel for posting this.


Good to see the first-gen Riviera getting appreciation from enthusiasts in Europe.  I'm sure that Riv can be a handful to drive on the narrower streets of Switzerland!  


The featured car has quite a few less common options, including rear defroster and KX dual-quad engine (rarer than a Gran Sport). The video quotes HP and torque figures for this engine wrongly - these should be 360hp and 465 ft.lb.


A couple of curiosities:  The stainless steel molding at the top of the windshield is missing from the car in the drone shots.  In addition to the misaligned clamshells, the car develops a burned-out tailight towards the end of the video.  And, the VIN plate on the driver's door pillar is missing!  Look at 4:58 of the video.


I'm wondering if the exterior color is the original Turquoise Mist.  The featured car looks to be a darker shade of blue to me.


In all a pretty car.  It surely gets a lot of attention in Europe!


Adding to the video's appeal is the lovely Swiss scenery and our engaging commentator Mr. Boersma with his James Bond (Sean Connery) like accent!

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