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Intake Exhaust Valve Set Fits Buick

Greg Lib

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I am not sure what engine I have, but I bought pistons for 364 1957-1961 and they fit, now I have to buy Intake Exhaust Valve Set but I have a problem finding the dimensions I have. please give me a hint where I can buy it. I have a Riviera from 1965.








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In answer to your question:


nailhead valves | eBay


"Buick rodder" is a  good knowledgable supplier.


They can be reached here:





I wouldn't go pulling out the credit card til a bit more research


if you have a 364 in a 65 there are some significant modifications to your drivetrain.


I am befuddled as to if you dont know what engine you have you would go and buy 364 pistons? Steve



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Most all NailHead valves from '57-'66 have a 1.875" intake valve & a 1.500" exhaust valve with 3/8ths. stems (actually .372" as you have measured) wiith a length of 4.786" with very few exceptions. They are available everywhere, even Napa. 

I agree with Steve. IF you have a 364 there are other problems to overcome.  I'm sure you just measured the bore wrong as a 364 bore is 4.125" & IF it was rebuilt & bored +.030", now 4.155", it would be close to a stock 401 bore of 4.1875".


Tom T.


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I have definitely measured well and bought bore + 0.03 and everything is correct and fits, but the company that puts it together needs an Intake Exhaust valve now, and when I check with 364, they have different sizes than those I had installed.  those from the photos



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