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I.D. 30s Pierce, Please


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Thanks Ed. 

Online only auction/Richmond, MI. Couple hundred tons of stuff. Only vehicle that got any attention seems to have been a 55 Tbird. Someone with too much room and a trailer couldn't stop bringing stuff home, maybe.


Which would be cheaper -- sending a kid to Harvard for 4 years -- or bringing this back from this condition to "shiny and humming quietly after a CCCA CARavan"? I'm not in a financial position to do either, but I wondered if we're talking a small pizza box full of 20s, a shoebox, or a briefcase. 

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44 minutes ago, alsancle said:

Eddy, where is your sense of adventure and recklessness?

Live long enough, and even the dumb ones learn not to touch a hot stove. 

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