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1957 Buick Special Riviera Estate Wagon WINDSHIELD


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Hello! I am having trouble sourcing a windshield for a 57 Buick Wagon (4 Door Hardtop) from my local guys. I was wondering if anybody has bought one and remember the part number. Another thing is they cant pull up the wagon or Special series. Are there major variations in the sizes? 

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On 7/8/2021 at 5:13 PM, Marty Roth said:

Just a guess, but wouldn't the Special and the Century wagons be comparable?

and likely a 4-door hardtop in either of those series?

That's what I am thinking, but I finally got a person on the phone to look into it some more vs the other guys saying they cant pull up a wagon. I talked with him and he told me that there was showing for a Wagon and for a 4 door hard top and there was a 2" difference.

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On 7/8/2021 at 11:32 AM, 60FlatTop said:

Here is a place to try. I bought a Pilkington windshield for my '64 Riviera from him a few years back and was very happy with the service. Wide range of applications.



Thanks. Talking to a local company, but if it doesn't work out. Ill give them a call!

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Here is my '64 windshield as delivered. The crate and packing were substantial. Pro-Source shipped it freight to a local garage (business address). I drove up and got it with my pickup.


They are in Andover, Mass. I was going to have my daughter stop so they could side it into her back seat coming home to western New York from Boston.


I can hear her crying on the phone as I write if that request had ever been made.




I remember paying something like $125 for shipping.


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