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  1. I sent you a message! Thanks!
  2. Do you know if 56 and 57 hood hinges are the same?
  3. I have found 2 56 Buick 2 doors that I’m told have decent floors. My 57 Wagon floor is pretty much gone. I’m guessing only 57-58 are the same, but has anybody used a 56 floor to replace a 57 floor or are the measurements way different?
  4. The reason I was asking is because looking for a gen and ps pump / fan belts, it asked early or late production…
  5. Thanks. Talking to a local company, but if it doesn't work out. Ill give them a call!
  6. Thanks. Was hoping to find local - shipping is crazy - but I'll keep this link handy.
  7. That's what I am thinking, but I finally got a person on the phone to look into it some more vs the other guys saying they cant pull up a wagon. I talked with him and he told me that there was showing for a Wagon and for a 4 door hard top and there was a 2" difference.
  8. How do I know if my 1957 Buick Estate Wagon is late production or early production?
  9. Hello! I am having trouble sourcing a windshield for a 57 Buick Wagon (4 Door Hardtop) from my local guys. I was wondering if anybody has bought one and remember the part number. Another thing is they cant pull up the wagon or Special series. Are there major variations in the sizes?
  10. @High Desert, did you replace the fuel line with regular, rubber fuel line (type used for non fuel injection cars? Does anybody know if that'll be fine to use?
  11. Looks good! Just picked up a 57 Buick wagon and been searching the internet trying to gather as much info as I can! I’m needing to repair lots of rust on the floors. Waiting on my book to see how to remove the seats. Do they just unbolt from under the car or so I have to remove side trim pieces and remove from inside the car)? Did you have to do any floor repair?
  12. Hello! Just wondering what ever became of your Caballero?!
  13. Fascinating! I am following along as I am about to start getting the 57 Riviera Estate Wagon road worthy. Lots of good info!
  14. 1957BuickJim, I was wanting to message you, but haven't met requirements- might need to post a few more times. Have a couple questions I'd like to ask you!
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