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1932 Studebaker President grill and radiator value

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Hi I have a "32" President grill, shell, and radiator. I was going to use it for a rat rod, but before I did any modifications to it I wanted to find out how rare they are and if they are of value. If it is rare and hard to find, I wont do any modifications and put them up for sale. So any info on value and rarity of them, please let me know. Thank You!

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32 president parts of any kind are rare and hard to come by.  I remember a time when a fellow club member and I were both begging for a radiator shell.  They rust out on the bottom.  If you are selling it contact me.  I might have a shell to trade or just purchase.



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Just because it is rare does not mean that it is will be sot after, or necessarily translate to expensive. What I'm trying to say is that with few survivor cars, you either have to find someone who needs it now, or who wants to add it to his collection.  I think that it should be saved, because it could help save or restore a rare car. Listen to what Rex is saying he knows these cars as well as anyone. 

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