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48 Linc Rear Axle Thread.


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While installing the rear drums on the passengers side I ran into a problem with the threading the nut on. It started on ok but after a few turns the nut felt like it would just spins.


Here is a photo of the axle and the nut




I welcome any and all suggestions on how to fix my problem.



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That is not a nut you really want to be loose.  But looks like there are some threads on the axle.  You could try getting a box wrench on the nut, and gently pounding on the nut as you turn in.  You might want to get a new nut and possibly run a die over the axle threads.


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You can try the procedure that Abe Lincoln posted, but I would start a search for a new axle. You might have to buy a complete rear end to get one.


The threads on the axle are damaged right up to the part where the nut contacts the hub, so even if you get it to work now, you are going to have problems in the future. Unless you can get 150 ft lbs or more on the axle nut, I would not drive the car on the highway. It would be a trailer queen.

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You may want to consider a set of brake drum retainers to make sure that the drum stays in place. Here is a link to the ones for a Ford, I am not sure if it will work on a Lincoln, but you can call Chris Herrel at Boose-Herrel and he can give you advice on the fitment as well as help you find a new axle.



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