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  1. i would call merv adkins at 9092248562 he has helped me maney of times aned has parts out the ying yang.
  2. im not sure but JERRY RIG works some times to get the job done. go to cuba and you will see JR you aint never seen be for in all there cars.
  3. i don't know why you don't drive your old V12, but they are fun to drive. some day you might hear about the story of "old blue" there was a v12 that went every place and was even stolen. the story is in a old copy of TWOTZ. it was his only car and drove it all over creation. so how much you drive it depends on you. If you don't use it the seals dry up and leak. if you break down on the road look in the book some one might be right around the corner. cars like boats need to be used to keep them in shape. this is my experience opinion.
  4. dose any one out there have any idea if a 39 ford would fit a 47 Lincoln as far as window wings?
  5. ok boys, the forum is for helping others and giving opinions.....right or indecisive. each car is different and each of our abilities is different. i just sold my 47 lincoln zephyr club coupe today and .........opinions come from OUR EXPERANCES.
  6. the rubber in my tank was pealing and clogged the fuel pump. i cleaned it out and welded it, so now it is as good as new.
  7. i would keep it for now and take it off to turn it around , or turn the base so it looks better.
  8. 47 club coupe here, my radiator was trashed inside so i had a truck radiator cut down to fit the old frame. works great and it looks original and is not the wrong material.
  9. i believe it operates the windshield wipers. it works them on my car.
  10. what do i have ...2 binders of service news N bulletins - (classis parts catalogue..like new )-service manual, like new...-give me 3 days to figure out what i all have left as iv also got a vette that is getting a resteration also and ill have the parts.ok
  11. sold my 47 lincoln have in take with 4 barrel carb left over and lots of parts that need to sell by end of september 2019. mike 904-534-0271 im now in south carolina.
  12. looking for both front cylinders ,whate store is best for my club coupe ?
  13. can you give us a price range that you are asking ?
  14. hi guys i have a 47 lz club coupe and was wondering if it would be ok to buy one up dated water pump on one side and a older working one on the other side ? thank you for your advice......mike
  15. hi guys i have a 47 lz club coupe and was wondering were would be a good place to buy one after market radiator ? thank you for your advice......mike
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