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  1. can you give us a price range that you are asking ?
  2. hi guys i have a 47 lz club coupe and was wondering if it would be ok to buy one up dated water pump on one side and a older working one on the other side ? thank you for your advice......mike
  3. hi guys i have a 47 lz club coupe and was wondering were would be a good place to buy one after market radiator ? thank you for your advice......mike
  4. this post dose not make any cence 2 me
  5. hay guy iv got a 47 lincoln club coupe that iv finished the out side and have extra front and rear bumper parts. i live in northern south carolina in case you live near to drive.......mike
  6. larry it souinds like you got a good deal out of it. now all you need to do is get the rest of the parts for the car , which should be an easy task do to the newness of the car.
  7. i know some of you have put some kind of heat barrer in your cars and would like to know whaat is good to use.
  8. did it do any thing to keep the heat out of the car ?
  9. i dont have hinges in my car ,iv seen a picture of one trunk bord but could not see how it worked or was put together, sorry.
  10. if you can show me a picture of it i may have one. i have extra bumper gards of verious years as when i bought them i dident know the difference and was told they were for a 47 LZCC.
  11. have they been up graded with the newer shafts?
  12. The car is in poor shape , no engine or transmision, body in poor shape chrome needs re crome, windows mostly broke, hate to see how bad the inside is. hope you get some one to buy this as it nwill take more work then im able to do, sorry N good luck.
  13. i have a 47 zephyr club coupe that has red knobs. do you also have a steering wheel ?
  14. i have a 47 lincoln zephyr club coupe. inside the trunk there is a hinged pice of plywood that covers the spair tire dose any one have the diagram or dementions of the wood im talking about??
  15. hi guy's iv got a 47 l.z. .......and a lot of the service bulletins and service news ( 1-15 ) but i don't have them all .Is there some one who has them all so i can have a complete set ? Is there some were i can buy a set ? Pleas let me know. thank you for your continued support..........mike