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Will be moving to the Clermont area of Florida in July and will need auto insurance for my TC and one other car.  Am currently with Allstate with the TC being covered by Hagerty (designated value) but we will be giving up one of our other vehicles so I will no longer be eligible for the Hagerty program.  Can any Florida members recommend an insurer that will cover the TC for more than Blue Book value? Thank you in advance for any help offered.

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10 minutes ago, tjackmil said:

That's good to know - what are the restrictions on use?  I would hope to be able to drive my car locally with maybe some week-end trips.  Probably about 3000 to 4000 miles per year.

Hagerty has a few different usage rate tiers.  From not even tagged/licensed at all, to shows and parades only, to occasional driving.

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