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Restorable 1950s-60s Dinky and Corgi Cars

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WellI I broke the ice on making a decision to sell these toy cars that are restorable as shown in many YouTube videos. One yellow Plymouth taxi, the one with 4 black tires is sold. Two cars are Corgi of Great Britain, the Cadillac ambulance and the Chrysler Imperial.  All the rest are Dinky Toys, also of Great Britain.  Modeling scale is 1:43 for all the cars.  Cost is $10 each plus shipping to your zip.  Send me a PM if interested. Where else can you buy a restoration project for less than $20!





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On 5/26/2021 at 10:23 PM, Joe Block said:

i the chrysler still available, that ambulance intrigues me. Professional cars.

Yes, the Chrysler Imperial is still available.  The missing windshield was available in reproduction and the good news with that is it just snaps in from the top, no disassembly required to replace it.  Send me a personal message if interested so I can respond to you in a timely manner.

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Here are the remaining cars.  I’ve added another Dinky toys 1953 Cadillac and an AC Aceca coupe. This Cadillac is in better shape than the last one I listed  and the AC Aceca is rough.  The AC has damage to the body, it was hit with something that put dings in the metal body and the roof has a sideways shift.  The red Chrysler Imperial is a Corgi and needs a windshield and a drivers side window.  The white and blue is a Dinky Fiat 1200 Grand Vue that has  a damaged bottom plate and missing front axle.  I’m asking $10 each plus shipping which has been in the order of $4.50 to $5.50 each.  Send me a PM if interested.








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