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front hub dust cap quandary


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I'm working on a customer's 64 Riviera and can't find front dust caps that fit the car.

I bought some used ones from a forum member and they are 2 1/4 inch in diameter

whereas the hubs on the car I'm working on have 2" center holes. The 2 1/4 inch caps

were supposed to be off of an early Riviera so I need to know if the car I'm working on has the wrong hubs on it. I've tried the 2 inch dust caps that everybody sells and they

don't go far enough into the hubs  to stay on because the outside of the hub holes are chamfered and the caps won't reach beyond the chamfer to get a grip before bottoming out on the ridge built into the caps. The 2/14 inch caps I bought look like they have enough reach but they are too large in diameter by 1/4 inch. HELP!

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