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48 Lin rebuilding wheel cylinder

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I am in the process of rebuilding the left wheel cylinder. When I removed then cylinder to dissembled it, the parts on the right came out.  The new part came in the box, but I noticed there was a round metal piece on the left that was not there.







The parts list doesn't show the round metal piece.







Which part is correct.?



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I phoned Chris at Boos-Herrel and asked about why the cylinder I removed had this round metal disk in it and the rebuilding kit never had one . He was not aware of why there was a metal disk in the cylinder.


I am going to install the kit I bought and assume the end of the spring is wider as  it just replaces the disk.

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Gerry, I have never seen the metal disk in any old or new brake cylinders I have worked on. I have seen the larger diameter springs on some newer model cars, but not sure why the design is different or what the advantage is verses the old style springs. A local brake or repair shop, or the supplier that sold you the brake kit might have insight.  Regarding the rest the assembly, being overly cautious-since the photo doesn't show all the new parts in the rebuild kit, your new kit does include new 2202 rubber seals in front of new 2198 metal pistons, correct? Paul

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Just removed the right Wheel Cylinder and this is what came out. Two round metal disks. 

 Maybe there was another kit that could be used,and this is it.




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