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1960's-70's front fender upper support panel, #2949552 ID?

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    I have a front fender upper support panel, with part #2949552 that I can't quite ID.  It should be 1960's 70's, and it may be MOPAR.  Haven't found any positive ID on it.  Any ideas?  





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Still can't find anything about this.  Want to save it from the scrap heap, I'm sure someone could use it.  Anyone have any parts books they can reference?  Does anyone recognize the part number font used against which company would have used it?  My thoughts are MOPAR...Thanks!

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This is not my ad.  Thank you for the effort, but this ad does not reveal anything about what it actually fits, just that it is MOPAR.  A step in the right direction, but does not really help to ID it.

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