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1950 Buick Roadmaster - Florida - $42,000 - Not Mine

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1950 Buick Roadmaster · Sedan · Driven 86,000 miles 1950 Buick Roadmaster Sedanet series 76S! Speedometer was reworked and it shows 5516. Paint is different than original black. It is black cherry, much prettier than the black. Original engine! Put in a new flex fan and shroud. It has an electric fuel pump so it will start easily start after sitting for any length of time. Has a new fuel tank and electronic ignition, 12 volt and alternator. New gas tank. VERY RARE CAR! ONLY 1,970 MADE! It has won 50 trophies from BEST original to BEST in show! It has won BEST in 1950s and BEST GM! Call George (727) 902-9115




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I'm not sure if altering the interior of these cars hurts the value of these cars, maybe for some people who insist that everything be authentic and you desire this to be a 400 point car. Sure is a sweet looking car. 

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