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Water Pump Rebuild Kit


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Hi Guys,

Yes, I parked my I pad and am on my lap top to make a post. What a PITA!

After checking all the usual outlets with no luck, I'm hoping someone can get me to the place I need. Looking for a water pump rebuild kit for my 41 but all I can find is complete pumps. I did replace the original pump which was leaking through the weep hole with a new one, but I would like to rebuild the old one to keep all the original parts and as a spare. I know, I need a press for the bearings and yes I do have one so that's not a problem. Bob's, Carrs and all the others I;ve checked do not have the kits. Could someone point me in the right direction? I did check e bay, but the ones I've seen all have years of pitting and corrosion and I don't trust those bearings. Any help would be appreciated. 


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