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2021 Antique Studebaker National Meet !!!!

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Here is the latest information that is available for the 2021 ASC National Meet.
Please be sure to read all the information, as there are some important changes to the way that the SDC is handling any interaction between our club members  and their functions. This impacts even visiting their Swapmeet!
Also our host hotel is NOT pet friendly, and some alternatives for those who wish to bring their pets, are listed below. We were informed of this just now, after the arrangements were already locked into place.
Please make your reservations for the hotel ASAP, before it fills up.




There are 2 motels right next door and across the parking lot of the official meet hotel that are PET FRIENDLY.  There is also a PET SUITES  Pet Hotel just south across the road to the south of the motel.  


Home 2 Suites                                                                    Residene Inn                                            Pet Suites

5215 Noggle Way                                                               5250 Noggle Way                                     1032 Emerson Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46237                                                        Indianapolis, IN 46237                              Greenwood, IN 46143  

317-851-8518                                                                             317-888-4955                                           317-412-9237






The attached Statement of Clarification from The Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. will clarify AOAI and ASC’s involvement in the 57th International Meet of The Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. at Marion County Fairgrounds September 8-11, 2021.






December 8, 2020 SDC statement of clarification on the 57th International Meet in Indianapolis, IN, Sept 8-11, 2021

The Studebaker Drivers Club understands AOAI and ASC will conduct their International Meets during the same time period the Studebaker Drivers Club is conducting its International Meet. It has recently come to our attention that some AOAI and ASC members will also attend the 57th International Meet of the Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc during this same time period. This letter will clarify SDC’s position for participation in the meet.

Attendance at an SDC International Meet is open to any member of the Studebaker Drivers Club Inc, Antique Studebaker Club, and the Avanti Owners Association International who has registered through Cornerstone Registration for our meet. Registration for the AOAI International Meet or the ASC Meet is NOT considered as entry to the Marion County Fairgrounds. All entrants to the meet on Tuesday afternoon (set-up), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday must wear SDC credentials. Any AOAI or ASC member attending the 57th International Meet must register through an online or printed registration form for the SDC International Meet. We will accept registration from any member of AOAI and ASC, PROVIDING 1), it is through our registration agent, Cornerstone Registration, 2), you are currently a paid member of these affiliate organizations, and 3), you pay the fees on SDC’s Registration Form, including the General Registration fee. You may opt and pay for any tours, events, banquets, etc. as an SDC meet registrant. Specifically, the SDC event is a closed event from the afternoon of September 7, and all-day, September 8-10. On Saturday, September 11, AOAI and ASC members who have not registered with SDC may enter the fairgrounds by paying a DAY RATE, along with a parking fee, but in no case will ANY VEHICLE be permitted on the Concours Field during that event unless they have paid a JUDGED or DISPLAY fee through SDC to be on the field.

Please relay SDC’s requirements to your membership to avoid confusion. 

Registering for your meet does not provide entrance to the SDC International Meet. This clarification is in lieu of any prior agreement or discussion that may have taken place.

Dennis W Foust,

President Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.



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  • George Rohrbach changed the title to 2021 Antique Studebaker National Meet !!!!

Good for SDC, this seems fair.


I’ve never quite understood why the ASC and AOAI both work so hard to remain exclusive from SDC, yet fully expect to tag off of the SDC’s international meets every year and have free access to SDC events. 

All three of these clubs are in a general state of declining membership. Maybe one day the clubs can merge and be one big happy Studebaker family. Being separate isn’t benefitting anyone. 

On a similar note;

I was a member of ASC a decade ago. As a 20 year old, I joined about a month before attending the National meet in Glendale, AZ. I registered for the SDC meet but not the ASC meet; I was 20 years old and didn’t know any better. 

Even though I was a brand new ASC member, I was charged a dollar to enter the ASC’s hospitality room, because I wasn’t registered for the ASC meet. (Didn’t seem very hospitable!)


If the ASC can charge money to enter their hospitality room to those who didn’t register, then SDC can charge for entrance into their events for the same reason. 




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I am a member of the Studebaker Drivers Club but not the ASC even though I am only interested in prewar cars. The sdc accepts and welcomes everyone who is interested in studebaker vehicles whether it is a scotsman or a president. The ASC from my experience is only interested in the high end cars of that era and the social status connected with that. 

Let me explain . I began a lifetime dream of restoring a 1940 commander in 2000. It took me 8 years doing all the mechanical and electrical work myself but farming out the painting and other jobs I did not feel confident about. I meticulously used the parts book and literature to do an accurate job using our families old field car as a guide.

There is no local club chapter so I was excited to finally finish the car and attend the 2008 national meet. Never having had a car show judged I attended a workshop on how to have your car judged given by the sdc. They said if there was a question about anything to have your parts book and other materials ready during the judging so I did.

One of the judges was the current editor of the ASC review. On approaching my car he immediatley said they didn't have metallic paint in 1940. So I showed him the xeroxed copy of the original paint code from the bottom of the glove box and the dupont 1940 paint chip chart for the light grey metallic paint I had the car painted. he became noticeably angry and then told me I had just bought the car and hadn't restored it after I spent 8 years on it! He and the other judge immediately became very critical and tried to tear everything apart on the car. To take off the 5 points for authenticity they first said my vent windows weren't chromed. I showed them that the windows had the original paint on them and had not been repainted. I was then told by the other judge that it must have been a cheap car. I must point out here I had the original build order for the car and it came with the high end factory option package of radio od etc.

They finally settled on docking me for the originality 5 points on the fact that the car has no front spring control link. It never had one . I looked in the parts book with the second judge and he could not find the part number. If you check the 34 to 46 parts book the part number for the link in 1939 is 193723 for 1941 is 512626. There is no number for 1940. They didn't put the link on the 1940 commanders and presidents. It wouldn't be so bad I lost the points for a non authentic part except the one other 1940 commander on the field that day that they gave an almost perfect score didn't have the link and lost no points for not having it. They were very impressed with all the extra chrome and the fact the guy was so wealthy he paid the way of his mechanic who did all the work to the show for the week.  At the same show I found lots of friendly people in the sdc but not in the asc.

The icing on the cake for me was two other events. At the Ontario meet I was trying to find parts for my current project a light six roadster. There was an older gentleman there who was the only other person with a prewar car. I tried to approach him about parts and he wouldn't even acknowledge me. A very helpful member of the Ontario club approached him for me. My friend came back to report the guy had said "Why should i help him?" My friend seemed surprised at the rudeness.  Then a few months later the editor of the ASC review bragged about getting a great haul of 1920's parts. In passing he mentioned there was nothing to do with the light six parts but junk them. This along with the fact the asc review is mostly just a bunch of car show pictures and stories about the editors family and their cars and little technical information or parts for my era cars lead me to drop my membership.

I am happily a member of the sdc who accept all classes of things studebaker. 


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