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efi conversion on 64 rivi


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Hi all,

Got a fitech install on 64 rivi and runs fine.

However, I would like to hook up the sp   microsw but having trouble figuring out how.

I know it goes onto the throttle /gas pedal link but having no luck positioning it.  I don't know if this sw is complete.

Has anyone have a pic of a complete microsw to see if I'm missing parts?

I tried to position a dashpot sw in front of throttle but the air filter hits the dashpot and doesn't sit completely.

Has anyone done this conversion.


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Just a word of caution using the EFI.  The stud that will hold the air cleaner down is metal & the distributor WILL cause interference with the electronic control module. Some are told to wrap the dist. with tin foil or whatever to stop this interference of "electrons" eminating from the dist.  The metal holdown stud is like an antenna & picks up the dist. electrical impulses. The fix is to use a plastic stud.


Tom T.

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The kick down switch on a '64 Buick is activated by a roller on the carb linkage. The roller travels through an arc and at the end of the arc it depresses a plunger on the switch. The other thing that you mention, but is not applicable to a 64 Riviera, is that the 1964's ST400 is NOT a switch pitch transmission. All you have in a '64 ST400 is the kick down. The switch pitch ST400 with the nailhead bell housing is a '65 - '66 only unit. It was also part of the '67 ST400. After '67 it was kapoot.

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