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  1. Hi, Anyone change out the rear crank seal with motor in place. Thanks Paul
  2. telriv, good tip I'll recycle my hat paul
  3. telriv, i'm using the tin foil on my head. now what? paul
  4. Rivnut Can you point me to that pic/write up about hooking up the sp sw to the brake system please. I posted a blurb about what I'm going thru trying to install dashpost with sw to efi. It's under 64 efi conversion. I might have to go the brake route. Thanks again, Paul ps can I just not hook up the micro sw/ dashpot at all?
  5. Hi all, Got a fitech install on 64 rivi and runs fine. However, I would like to hook up the sp microsw but having trouble figuring out how. I know it goes onto the throttle /gas pedal link but having no luck positioning it. I don't know if this sw is complete. Has anyone have a pic of a complete microsw to see if I'm missing parts? I tried to position a dashpot sw in front of throttle but the air filter hits the dashpot and doesn't sit completely. Has anyone done this conversion. Thanks,Paul
  6. HI, efi,dual radiator fans Paul
  7. Nick57, The control is supported by 4 screws. the two bottom holes have little tits that fit into a hole just below the screw hole and is also support by the trim piece Paul
  8. Telriv, Could you please expand on that. I tried what I know but that seems to be not enough. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Paul
  9. Rivinut, Okay got it. Since the car is going with an efi system I'm moving the micro sw to the front of the throttle linkage and making a bracket to hold the sw. I believe this would work. Will keep you updated. thanks, paul
  10. Hi, Put in vacuum canister and seems to help. Since we live 5000 ft up the vacuum put out is around 15"hg. Thinking of putting in a vacuum pump. Will let you know how that goes. Sooner than much later. Paul
  11. Hi all, Finally got this charging problem solved. Since new items where installed (lots of electric items) I finally got an amp meter to check out output of alt. It turns out the alt was not keeping up with the load. Put in larger alt and that took care of the problem. Thanks to everyone for your inputs Paul
  12. Hey Rivi, Thanks As you can see in the photo the micro sw is mounted on throttle to gas pedal link. There is no way that sw could be activated in the position it is in and thruout it's stroke. could there be a missing piece there? How about if I mount it in front of efi or fab something to activate it, .So this sw is energized when the throttle is closed? Is that right? Once again thank you for your knowledge and help Paul
  13. Rivnut, thanks for the quick reply. so that micro sw on the throttle linkage is not unusual? If that is the case then I need a new micro sw. Know where I can find one? Thanks again, Paul
  14. Hi all, Been a while and just a quick update. the rivi is on the road after 3 years. Now the question. The owner is going with a fitech efi system. Seems something we could install but I would like to know about the linkage to the carb and kickdown switches. Since there is no dashpot what happens to the wire hookup? Apparently someone put a microswitch on the throttle linkage close to the firewall. Seems to me that this sw was from the dashpot but moved to this other location. Can't see how the movement of throttle linkage activates this sw. Has anyone done a fuel system conversion like this? Would appreciate some help with this setup. Tranny is sp400 Thanks, Paul Ps will send pics soon
  15. Hi all, What is the name of the outfit that overhauls the center link on the rivi's. It's rare ---------? thanks Paul
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