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  1. Hi all, What is the name of the outfit that overhauls the center link on the rivi's. It's rare ---------? thanks Paul
  2. Hi, I do I get it thanks, Paul
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a neutral safety switch (console mount) for a 64 rivi All I see is one for a column mount Anyone know where they are hiding? Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi Guys, Can someone help me decode the following: engine numbers 5H139501and LT 187 tranny cfd1 8623503 chax 3 11-64 pan has dimples and shoe imprint - sp? just double checking before I order new carb Was going with 64 carter 3363s but not sure what dates I have for the powertrain seems that the powertrain was swapped out at one time was sp available for late model 64 rivi and is that 11-64 on tranny pan confiming that. thanks Paul
  5. Hi again, Can someone post some pics of the carb and linkage on this car. It seems that this carb is off a 64 caddy. Am in the process of getting the correct carb and want to make sure it comes with the correct linkage hookups. Thanks
  6. Hi, Both front brake hoses are new. All wheels have been rebuilt. Wheels don't turn when stepping on brake pedal ( when bleeding). Will go thru system after the holidaze. Thanks KongaMan
  7. Hi, Will check the check valve and double check for vacuum. All hoses on brakes are good. Was able to bleed all wheels. Thanks
  8. Hi, I started working on this car after the owner threw away the old pb/single master cyl. He has bought a new unit (same as old) and problem continues. He has since bought a new pb/dual master cyl. Same problem. I don't know how the old system worked. Paul
  9. Hi All, Installed power brake booster/dual master cyl on the car. Bled brake system and adjusted brakes. However I'm getting a very hard pedal all the time. Vacuum line is hooked up to intake man. but no luck. No luck when hose was hooked up to carb. i remember seeing vacuum canisters on the older cars and am wondering if this car should have one. It seems there are two holes on the drivers side inner fender. Could this be for the canister.. I strongly believe that it is a vacuum problem. Any help would be appreciated Paul
  10. thanks for the answers but I still would like to know the specs of vr when koeo an koer for reference that post I referred to is on the rivi forum. just having a hard time finding it
  11. Hi All, getting close to resto completion but dealing with charging system issues. want to troubleshoot before changing out parts if needed. I saw somewhere a write up on what the regulator voltages where when car is not running and running can anyone please lead me to it or post it . thanks, paul pics coming soon
  12. Hello All, Getting close to the end of 64 rivi project. Anyone know of a good aftermarket swap for the steering cloumn with tilt? Car has floor shift . Thanks, Paul
  13. RockinRiviDad what is the part number you used to order those fuzzies Paul
  14. RockinRiviDad and all, How do I tell what body style i have? a,b,c need this info for ordering fuzzies thanks paul
  15. gungeey, got a 64 and was able to get turn signal sort of working. just have to adjust switch. but a pain. all i need on the fuzzies is dimensions if someone can get those. installled the wiper motor without ripping the front end apart. just need a new wiper switch. any of those out there? thanks paul
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