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For Sale: 1967 Buick Riviera - $10,500 - Spokane, WA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1967 Buick Riviera - $10,500 - Spokane, WA


1967 Buick Riviera in original and well preserved condition. 430 V-8, Turbo 400 automatic. Runs, drives and stops very well. This Riviera came with the following factory options:  Power windows, Power seats, Power antenna, Factory A/C (not working, but all there), Tilt wheel, Speed Alert, Power brakes with front discs, Power steering.  All gauges, electronics and lights in working order except for the horn and the drivers side rear window. Hidden headlights activate and retract as they should.  New parts: New timing chain and gear set, New high-volume oil pump, New shocks front and rear, New Cooper Cobra GT radials (less than 500 miles).
The 430 engine runs very well but could stand to be fine tuned. The engine shows excellent oil pressure and doesn’t leak or blow blue smoke.  The body is in great condition. Paint is original and showing its age. Very minimal surface rust throughout, mainly in the trunk. The glass and the chrome are in excellent condition. Comes with the original wheels, hubcaps and whitewalls if you prefer the stock look.
This Riviera runs and drives exceptionally well and is a joy to drive. It’s a time capsule that you can drive on a regular basis and take to car shows. It keeps up with modern traffic just fine and gets decent gas mileage if you keep your foot out of it. Collector WA plates, no tabs ever again! $10,500

Contact:  (509) 4-3-five-one-0-0-7

Copy and paste in your email:  26fc61186f1139aead719447383e5d57@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1967 Buick Riviera.

'67 Buick Riviera WA a.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA b.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA c.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA d.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA e.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA f.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA g.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA h.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA i.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA j.jpg

'67 Buick Riviera WA k.jpg

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5 hours ago, David Normile said:

Interested in your 67 Riv. for sale?

Get back if still for sale at dnormile@msn.com.




The "Not Mine For Sale" section are cars a group of us discover advertised on other on-line sites.  We collect the photos and information to repost here to bring the car to the attention of new potential owners.  Craigslist ads expire after 45 days but if the seller included a phone number as did this fellow, one can try contacting the individual directly at the number listed.   Not all Craigslist ads disappear because the car has sold.  You may be in luck and this Riviera might still be available, give the fellow a call.  Good Luck.   

From the original advertisement: Contact: (509) 4-3-five-one-0-0-7




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Best of all it looks like an original metal roof car. The vinyl topped models usually suffered from a lot of rust around the windshield and back light. I've had three of this body style and one boat tail. This is a nice car, I guess ten grand is what they cost now. I've seen several project cars that are going for three or four grand that will end up costing another five to ten grand invested that might not turn out this nice. Best of all you could enjoy this car Today, just pay the man his money! The mention of the engine needing to be "tuned" makes me think that it probably needs a valve job. Back in the 50's and 60's most engines needed a valve job at around 50-60 thousand miles. That's probably why it idles rough.

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