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I've read somewhere on this topic, don't recall if it was on this site, or You Tube. It was suggested that the outer pane could be removed with heat and prying. Don't like the idea of prying it off. If at all I would use a suction devise. Anyway I would like the opinion of our experts. Also a hint on what to do with the Maserati emblem if I were to get that far?

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I just redid a couple using "Goo Gone".  I sprayed some around the edges of the outer port hole and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  The porthole easily came loose using a small plastic pryer.   Then I sprayed a little more Goo Gone under the outer porthole and it easily came off.  Either wear rubber gloves or be very careful as skin and Goo Gone do not get along.


The emblem sheet is a decal attached to the outside of the inner porthole.  By carefully removing the glob of sealant and using my plastic pryer to keep the decal on the inner port hole it stayed in place.


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