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  1. Its a beauty, to far away though. Would have to consider it if were closer. Thanx for the info!
  2. Well, not the relay. Hate when you guys are right like that. Now I go searching for a fuseable link, ooh joy...
  3. I went to a tac shop for there best cleaner, and best conditioner, wasn't impressed...
  4. K Hemi, Thanx, I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. No, could not get the relay in time. They did find someone else though. Hope it's the relay, don't really feel digging around looking for fuseable links, or whatever it might be.
  6. Want to do mine when you're done by chance. I'd pay for that degree of detailing!!!
  7. That's what I needed Hemi, Thanx again!!!
  8. Seeing how there Doesn't seem to have a fuse, it must be a relay. Just need to know which one and where?
  9. Hey Ronnie, gauge went to the 3/4 point that I noticed. Don't think I cook it. Never saw the gauge that high though.
  10. Yes car is definitely getting hot, fan is definitely not functioning.
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