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  1. Hey Guys, is the Chrysler 2.2 Turbo an interference engine?
  2. There in PA. great place for quick food too. None here in CT though. Wish there were.
  3. Considered that, lack the time though.
  4. Yea, you guys got me wondering if I'm getting what I pay for! Thanx for your response.
  5. Actually I think it's a private contractor delivers to this station. Now where the fuel comes from is anybody's guess. Never gave that much thought till now. Definitely not a Shell branded vehicle doing the delivery. Makes one wonder?
  6. I ran regular in my Lebarons aswell. My concern is keeping the fuel injection system functioning at its best. Don't like additives, destroyed the fuel injection pump in my diesel truck almost immediately. Never again!
  7. That is a surprise, both mileage, and that you don't use the very best.
  8. Been quiet on the site lately, so here's something to debate. What would be the best fuel to use in the TC. Of course premium fuel is recommended, my question concerns the detergent quality of various fuels. I use Shell V- Power NiTRO+. What do you guys think?
  9. Yea I took note of the speaker count myself
  10. Cool, good to know. Now which one, decisions, decisions.
  11. Anybody got a sticker for the 89 2.2 TURBO SOHV set up by chance?
  12. I'm twisting 3000 rpm's @ less than 60... That's the one thing I think is not right with my car. 8 vlv 3 speed automatic. Any thoughts?
  13. Unlike most people looking to buy a classic, I was happy to see that the vehicle I ultimately purchased had 100,00 plus miles on the odometer. True mileage unknown, but obviously well cared for.
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