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  1. Hey Hemi Dude, Happy Birthday, hope we're so fortunate to have you to advise us for many more years!
  2. Yep, I found it. Among others, I have Hemi Dude's post from two or three years ago. Answered my questions. Thanks again Hemi Dude. Your the best! Anything on saving the emblem sheet?
  3. I've read somewhere on this topic, don't recall if it was on this site, or You Tube. It was suggested that the outer pane could be removed with heat and prying. Don't like the idea of prying it off. If at all I would use a suction devise. Anyway I would like the opinion of our experts. Also a hint on what to do with the Maserati emblem if I were to get that far?
  4. Finally got around to entering the link to the new direct TC forum. So that being said, just sending my regards to my fellow club members, hope all is well with you guys,and your family's. Very much appreciated your expertise, and your willingness to help us rank amateurs. Thanx again. You guys stay safe!
  5. Thanx for info. My kit has all but the knife. Seems it should be replaceable easily enough. Thanx again!
  6. Thanx, screen shot that one for prosperity!
  7. Thanx guys, needed to know those tid bits of info. I have come to the conclusion that the cause of my fault code... Is... Wait for it... something electrical or vacuum is expanding in the heat. As I mentioned when ambient temperature is above 85ish check engine light comes on pretty much all day. Where as when temp is lower, like today, no light. Also if I let the engine idle for more than a couple of minutes the light eliminates as well. Now I just have to figure out the culprit. Thanx again for the effort you guys put in to assisting me! Very much appreciated!!!
  8. Thanx Hemi Dude, don't know what I'd do without you guys!
  9. I did take note of a diagram somebody posted recently that should help.
  10. Can I put a gauge on the system and check for leaks without tracing them all?
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