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1937 Plymouth Heater


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Hello Rondo,

Sorry for all the questions but it's been too long for my short memory on this.  I am putting together a '38 Coupe and will need a heater eventually.  Do you have any idea if your '37 can be fitted to mine?  I don't have any problem fabricating brackets and such.  Did you have pictures of it on AAC that I have seen, or if not, can you send some so I can get an idea of its condition?  I'm in WA state, a little outside of Spokane - are you willing to ship it to me?  And, finally, how much do you have to have for it?  I'm enclosing my email - dcaliente@hotmail.com and a phone number - (509)796-5504.   I'm also searching for the handbrake hardware.  I have the under-dash handle and the transmission mounded drum and need everything in-between.  Thanks.

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