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Fender - Body Welt

George Cole

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That depends on what year your vehicle was made. Most antique cars use a lacquered cloth beaded fender welt. If you're looking for some,especially the original type, I suggest you contact Restoration Specialties in Pa, as the still carry the most original material. They will send you a free sample if you ask. it does come in different size beads.

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Original type fender to body ,etc. Beaded welt of the lacquered type will show a bit of the fabric weave through the lacquer coating...and the core is usually a twisted paper like twine..

I doubt it is being made now..But old stocks show up..

I have about 40 feet left from 1975 J.C.Whitney.

New fender welt stuff I have seen looks like thin vinyl with a grain some times..

Other times very smooth surface with a placstic or foam rope core..


Good chassis body webbing is asphalt impregnated ,kinda heavy cotton weave stuff  still around from 1/16 to 3/16 thick in various widths from suppliers.Single and double beaded cowl and radiator welting too.


The vintage Ford dealers carry Ford common sizes but other make specialized car dealers generally have different sizes then common Ford offerings..So check around.


Restoration Supply probably have a good section with the highest price.


In a pinch I have used seat belt material in chassis situations .But it frays when cut or holes punched so I run a bead of Super glue or a pass a flame along the cut edges.

Also inner tube rubber is handy shimming a body to frame and good old hard belting leather along with the little black rubber glazing putty spreaders...

I know of a popular show winning '28 Dodge with all it's body bolts passing through those rubber squeegees!

But you didn't hear it from me.!




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