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removing interior door handles

blind pew

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On most woodies I have encountered, "C" clips hold the interior door handles and window cranks in place. 


On my '41 International with a Campbell body, I found there were no "C" clips. So I contacted Mark Miller, who is a well known maker of wooden bodies and particularly has made the Chevrolet Country Club wood kits, for help. Mark told me that there is a drift pin, found when the ferrul around the handles is depressed, that secures the handles. Pushed out the pin, and voila!


Just some information for others who encounter this. Also, a bit of a plug for Mark Miller in Colorado. He makes wonderful Chevrolet Country Club wood kits at a very good price that takes a regular 46-48 Chevrolet and makes it a work of art. In addition, Mark is getting ready to retire and will be returning to making and working on full wooden bodies on the other makers with an interest in making Chrysler Town and Country kits readily available!

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They actually make a special tool that pushes back the ferrule and pushes the pin out all in one.  I bought one a few years ago after buggering up the upholstery on one of my cars.  Just had a chance to use it for the first time on my 51 Dodge.  Works super slick and also works to reinstall the pin quite nicely.  No more messing around trying to line things up.

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I picked one up off ebay.  Someone is making a new one,  but mine was an original Snap On one,  which is probably not a lot different.  I was just impressed snap on made that tool,  must have been back in the 50's,  as that design I think had changed in the mid 50's across the board to a clip style attachment. 

Make sure if you get an original one,  it has the pin remover in the center.  I bought another one,  also snap on,  that it's off centered in.  Not sure what it takes apart but not the standard ones.

The repros are around $30.  I think my original one was 1/2 that. 

If I think of it, I'll post a picture later when I go out to the shop.

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