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Indiana: Unknown Junkyard, Owensburg


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I wasn't sure the subject to put this under but based on the owners info there is a junkyard of sort near Owensburg Indiana.  Exact address is 9322 E State Road 58, Owensburg, IN 47453.  I did look on Google earth and there does seem to be a large collection of older cars.   Do any of you live near this yard?  They have a rare 1967 Daimler DR-450 limo I'd love to find out about.  Owners says it's solid but that is always a matter of opinion.  The tag under the hood provides some of the info needed such as Chassis number and Engine number but the owner seems elderly and immobile perhaps.

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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to Indiana: Unknown Junkyard, Owensburg
On 1/11/2021 at 5:07 PM, Jon37 said:

According to the Google map street view, this is Fred Carr's Garage, possibly a body shop.  Cars in yard may be late-model.  Telephone number is (401) 725-5261.

Jon, I've spoken to the owner (Vic Owens) several times (different number).  He claims it's a junk yard.  Could indeed be both.  When I googled it I discovered several business names.

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