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  1. Thanks Peter, I've updated it. That was simple but I swear I tried it before and couldn't find the Signature area.
  2. I hate to have to ask for help with something I have done before and should be able to do again but I cannot find how or where to update/edit my AACA Forum signature box. I've looked and looked. Thanks
  3. I wasn't sure the subject to put this under but based on the owners info there is a junkyard of sort near Owensburg Indiana. Exact address is 9322 E State Road 58, Owensburg, IN 47453. I did look on Google earth and there does seem to be a large collection of older cars. Do any of you live near this yard? They have a rare 1967 Daimler DR-450 limo I'd love to find out about. Owners says it's solid but that is always a matter of opinion. The tag under the hood provides some of the info needed such as Chassis number and Engine number but the owner seems elderly and immobile perhaps.
  4. Chevy certainly did not build Checkers. Checker manufactured more parts in house than any of the big 3. As previously mentioned the drivetrain came from GM and in the 60s they stated using GM brake systems, moving away from Studebaker. Checker made Chevrolet sheet metal, and in the end (1990s) Cadillac frames. My 1984 Monte Carlo fenders are Checker manufactured. FYI, the photo above is from Eyes on Design in Michigan.
  5. Thanks Harold. Since I pulled the sticker image off of the inspection sticker website I wrongly assumed it was an inspection sticker however as you pointed out it is not. It is a 1956-57 New York City Tax Stamp. Perhaps that was what added to some of the confusion. I did notice the correct 1957 Inspection sticker does not have a hole punched through for the month, instead it is printed on the decal. Looks like 1958 they started punching them at the bottom.
  6. Thanks all for the replies. Seems apparent that there may not be a solid rule back then. Although mine is a 1958, attached is a 1956 car showing a 1956 inspection sticker on the passenger side vent window.
  7. Marty Roth, I do have a 1956 photo that clearly shows the NY inspection on the passengers vent window. Made me wonder what you would do if your car didn't have vent windows.
  8. I'm looking for some history here on where NY State placed inspection stickers in 1958-1959. I've googled my share of old cars and websites but cannot find a consistent answer. I realize where they have placed them from early 70s on but I can't find any proof that in 1958 it was in the same location. I have a new reproduction sticker I'm wanting to install properly. Thanks
  9. I bought this off ebay in 2003. Ad stated NASH RAMBLER SHIFT LINKAGE. That's all I know about it. It did not fit the custom job I was doing so it has sat here since. Is this of value to anyone? Doug
  10. Thanks Bloo. I filled it tonight with 3/4 transmission fluid and 1/4 0w-20 oil. Some sites recommended 50/50 with oil and 3 in 1, others said 100% trans fluid. Like you I comprised. I was surprised at how little the fresh rebuilt carbs needed.
  11. I'm needing to put oil in my SU carb dashpots. I know they make a specific SU Damper oil but I doubt if it's as special as its price reflects. What do any of you use for oil in your dashpots. Thanks
  12. Thanks oldcar. I never would have guessed a Triumph.
  13. Could someone please tell me what the middle car is?
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