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  1. Thanks Bloo. I filled it tonight with 3/4 transmission fluid and 1/4 0w-20 oil. Some sites recommended 50/50 with oil and 3 in 1, others said 100% trans fluid. Like you I comprised. I was surprised at how little the fresh rebuilt carbs needed.
  2. I'm needing to put oil in my SU carb dashpots. I know they make a specific SU Damper oil but I doubt if it's as special as its price reflects. What do any of you use for oil in your dashpots. Thanks
  3. Thanks oldcar. I never would have guessed a Triumph.
  4. Could someone please tell me what the middle car is?
  5. Spotted this rare vehicle today in Honolulu. Unsure of year or Model but I love it regardless.
  6. Thanks Willie, I did wonder if it was something washable. I have not pulled the pan yet. The car sits in WV so next time I'm back there I will pull the pan to change the fluids, and I'll wash out the filter. Gaskets were available but I was determined to buy a filter. Now I know better. Thanks. Perhaps this is why I couldn't find a true filter.
  7. Studebaker International was one of the first places I looked. No luck. Perhaps I give them a call.
  8. All, I'm looking to buy a Borg Warner Transmission filter for a DG250. Wasn't sure the forum to place this under since it applies to several vehicles. These DG250 automatics were used in many cars ranging from Studebaker and Hudsons to Jaguar but I can't seem to find a filter and gasket. I've checked the web of course, and ebay. Ebay in Australia does have them and they ship to the US but I thought I'd try to save myself the shipping charge and find the in the US if possible. Thanks for any info. Doug
  9. Thank you $um Fan. I love the restorationstuff catalog. Some much stuff I can buy there. Although I've restored cars for 20+ years I've never looked at their site or ordered from them, honestly I never heard of them. At first I thought it was Restoration Specialties and Supplies out of Windber PA where I have ordered and visited several times. I will keep restorationstuff on my list for the many great things they have and will probably order something shortly. Now the bad news, yes restorationstuff does have the brass wire ties, they are $5 EACH. Since I need 10 off them, that adds up. Ouch. In the UK where I can get the exact ties for my Daimler they are $1.50 each at the current exchange rate. For the difference I think I will try cahartley idea and reach out to 2 of my Facebook friends from the UK. Might as well order 20 if I pursue that approach. Not to sound check but $50 for what I need/want seems like I should attempt the UK route. Thank you both.
  10. Hello, I'm looking for some new brass wire straps/ties as shown in the photo. The equivalent to todays plastic ties. They held together the heater hoses, power steering hoses, and wires to the rear axle tube. They sell them in the UK online however they will not ship to USA. Thanks
  11. Thanks all. I thought it looked familiar.
  12. I came across this old engine on a hike yesterday. Certainly has been sitting for a long time in the elements but I like the design. Any idea what it is.
  13. checker

    Heater Core

    I have 2 heater cores and I have no idea what they are off of. I'm guessing American made from the 1950s based on what I worked on but that is just a guess. Not truly positive they are even automotive. Any help to ID would be great. Time to get rid of them. Thanks Doug
  14. All, I just had to share a video of my restoration that I completed yesterday after 4 long years of continuous work. A labor of love. Perhaps Hershey in 2017, although I'm not buying bias ply tires for it. I'll take the deductions. Not a great video but I still wanted to share. Watch it in 1080 HD, full screen. Looks better. Doug
  15. Sorry if these cars has been reported before. I just returned from vacation in Curacao. I wish I'd known ahead of time that I could rent these. Looks like fun.