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  1. I know Jim well. He liked my Facebook post earlier today on the Barrett Jackson Auction, where I will soon post some AACA cars that where there.
  2. That lines up well with what I thought. What's the former Checker employees name? I know a few of them.
  3. Chuck, my 1958 Checker is Studebaker and my 1972 is a stock GM Saginaw. 1966 I'm unsure but what part are you looking for? I can ask around.
  4. I've always loved the Checker model A although I can see why some would hate it. Only 1 is known to remain.
  5. Jon, I've spoken to the owner (Vic Owens) several times (different number). He claims it's a junk yard. Could indeed be both. When I googled it I discovered several business names.
  6. Thanks John, I was just reading up on that and the rod adjustment for the governor.
  7. Thank you John, it's interesting that my Jaguar Transmission Service Manual has the exact same photos and band adjustment procedure with the tool yet omits the procedure without the tool. Snug then back off 4 turns. Sounds easy enough. Thanks again.
  8. I have a Jaguar Service Manual that I have read cover to cover (more or less) but did not see the procedure. I would gladly try the instructions you mention and would appreciate a pic of it. Thanks.
  9. Just registered. Thanks. I also thought about the Jaguar forum.
  10. Bob, I just tried the number you provided for Bill Sawrey. My caller ID shows it is the correct number for Bill but it has been disconnected. I will do some googling tomorrow. Thanks
  11. I'm reaching out to Studebaker, Jaguar, and other owners of the Borg Warner Detroit Gear 250 or 200 transmission for the automatic transmission DG band adjuster tool. This is a Kent-Moore J-4285 DG Band Adjusting Tool. I cannot find one to buy so I'm looking to loan one. It appears to be a simple tool so I'll return it the day after it arrives.
  12. Thanks Peter, I've updated it. That was simple but I swear I tried it before and couldn't find the Signature area.
  13. I hate to have to ask for help with something I have done before and should be able to do again but I cannot find how or where to update/edit my AACA Forum signature box. I've looked and looked. Thanks
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