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Oil pump for 41-53 Buick picture required


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  • Would someone have a photo of the 41-53 Buick 248 straight eight oil pump that Earl has mentioned below. I have some ‘47 Buick parts including a pump but want to be certain it is off a Buick.
  • cheers Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀

The 1941-53 oil pump in the small engine had larger gears and produced better oil pressure when hot.  It will fit the small series 40 Buick all the way back to 1934 as well as the 1940 series 50.  I makes an excellent improvement in these cars.  1950 series 40 248 cubic inch insert rod bearing fit at least back to 1937 and greatly improve the engine if you can get them.  However, you have to also get the 1950 rods or have your old rods re-machined to take the insert bearings. Hope that answers your question.  We must be 75th cousins or something.  Not many Beauchamp's out there.

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Here is the bottom plate,  (Aluminum) from a '40 Buick LTD 320 cid.

Note the dark areas around the edge, where the oil leaks out.

Emory this surface down to just get rid of the dark areas, and use a THIN layer of Permatex around the edge when re assembling.

Use "Plastigage" first and make sure there is NO MORE than .005 clearance between the gears and bottom plate.

Mine measures ;0035.

Oh and I stuck a 1/4" nut behind the relief spring just for good luck.

Old used car lot trick I learned at a Plymouth dealership in the '60's

I get 65 #  at start up, cruize @ 50# and 35 @ a hot idle.

This is on an unmolested old motor with 88K + on the clock.


And I did find about an inch of grey mud in the pan..................


Mike in Colorado


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