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Just received an email from Jaanika Nuiamäe, in Estonia trying to get more information on a 1927 model 49 engine and car that he's found.


From Terry's Book, Buick in the USA, didn't make a model 49 in 1927 but evidently McLaughlin did, in Canada.


Anyone know anything about this, or other model 27-49's - presumably 7 seater touring from the looks of it.


Bill McLaughlin

1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club



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That model is listed on the parts catalog for 1927.  I have some serial numbers for a couple 1927 model 49 cars.  If you have any old McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada Accelerator magazines, here are the references:


MBCC Accelerator, May 1974, Vol. 3, Issue 6, page 11
MBCC Accelerator, May/June 1985, Vol. 14, Issue 6, page 17





1927 McLaughlin Models 01.jpg

1927 McLaughlin Models 02.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Interesting Find. See my post under Buick General about the Jasper park cars.  I only knew of the 4 model 49's made for Jasper park Lodge. This makes 5. 

Even in the production records apparently there are none, so I assume they were special orders. Seems odd as the 55 was fancier, but I have no other explanation. 

If Jaanika can find out any history on the car I am very interested. Was it possibly a park tour car originally?  If it was there may be Jasper park lodge or Brewester Rocky mountain decals visible on the doors or between the doors. 

Yes they are 128" wheelbase 7 passenger tourings. 

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