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65 Skylark rear p/w switch on CONV!


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WHERE?!  I tried the BCA techs, but no responses.  My basic research shows that on 1965 Skylark convertibles the rear power window switch was on the armrest, not on the side panels, like in hardtops.  I guess I understand why...so as to avoid wires around the convertible top mechanicals.  I am installing an original style p/w system and miraculously had found original convertible rear side panels (no cut outs for window crank), so I will have to carefully cut in the existing armrests to put the switch.  Seems like a strange place....Does anyone out there know exactly where I have to make the opening?  How far exactly behind the ashtray does the switch get mounted.  Crazy esoteric question, huh?  I’m trusting in my fellow Buick guys to come thru. Thanks.  Jeff  BCA 34813    While waiting, I’ll take a drive in the Reatta!

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It is common for convertibles of this era (Buicks, anyway) to have PW switches in the armrest.


To solve your problem, flip the armrest over and look underneath at the frame.  It may already have cutouts or other indications of where the opening should be.

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I am awed by the knowledge out there of our beloved Buick’s, and all cars.  Thanks guys, and ....WOW Kong, great advice, and WOW John, I could only find one other photo, and it wasn’t nearly as clear as yours!  And 5563, thanks too.  We are ultimately responsible to be good caretakers of these wonderful vehicles while they are in our care, and you guys are great examples.  Thanks again, and I welcome any other info out there.

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