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Wanted: Window crank/ winder handles

Alan G

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Wanted, at least two crank handles to match either style shown. They have a thread and two segments that attach to the regulator drive. 

I really need these so if anyone can help it would be great, otherwise I will have to cast them myself





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Hi Alan,

I see that you are fairly new here. Have you contacted Rich yet ? His handle here at AACA is the handleman. Email him :    thehandleman@comcast.net , or enter   thehandleman   in the search box, and send him a P.M. through clicking his avatar. Rich would like you to send a number of pictures from front, side and back. He has something like 50,000 handles in stock.    Good luck, Alan !       -    Carl 

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Hey C Carl. I did indeed. I spent quite a bit of time scrolling through all his pictures of handles and made contact too but no luck! I will email him again though incase. They seem to be very unusual with regard their mounting style

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