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  1. Two brass chimneys and two brass headlight rings wanted. Same as the ones in the picture. JNO Brown Model 16
  2. Mark Shaw, thank you very much for the link. I had not noticed that topic previously. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated. All the small details being correct add up to a much better looking vehicle really. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the term info Terry. Do you know of any available? Many thanks
  5. Hi Morgan. I do not unfortunately. Is there a copy available that you are aware of?
  6. Hi. I am looking at making new spark plug leads for a 1919 Buick. 6 cylinder. Would anyone have some photos of the original type of ends used to connect to the spark plugs and the cap, as they say the devil is in the detail! Thanks
  7. I am looking for a good working original coil to suits a six cylinder engine. The coil is the type mounted on the starter/ generator. Thanks
  8. I am looking for the correct paint code for a 1919 Buick if anybody can help me out. I can match the colour that I have but I would prefer to get it as it should be originally. It is a maroon colour.
  9. I am looking for the part pictured. It is from a Stewart speedometer I would also purchase a complete unit if it was possible. There is some wear between the pin and housing and it is causing to gears to slip.I am unsure of the model on the speedometer at this time but I can post a picture tomorrow. Thanks guys
  10. Thanks Don. It seemed like that was the method but its always best to check before something gets strained or breaks! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it very much
  11. Yes Don there is a little button on the bucket but the bezel is well stuck to the lamp. Do you know if it just a case of turning it and off it should come? (In theory that is!)
  12. I currently need to remove the headlights from my Buick. I have tried to pull and pry at the bezel pretty hard to remove it from the headlight but it does not seem to want to move. The bezel has no screws in it. So I don't damage it I said I post here for safety! Any help would be good.
  13. Hello. I am looking for some window crank/ winder handles. They can be matching either of the two in the photos, or I would buy a complete set that will fit the window regulator drive and look similiar in style to what I have currently. If any one suggest a handle that might be similiar and could be made to fit that could work too. Any help would be great to get this issue marked off my list!
  14. Alan G

    34 x 4 1/2 tyres

    Thanks for the input. Much appreciated!
  15. Hello all. I am looking for some information and guidance on a set of tyres that I require. The size is 34 x4 1/2, I need them to be white wall. I am wondering what you guys are using and if the white is staying white and not discolouring. I also would be grateful if anyone has a recommendation to a supplier. Many thanks