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1939 LZ Rims


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Try to call Merv out in California.  He has a large wrecking yard of Lincolns and has a lot of parts!                                   


(909) 980-1332
* Engines
* Transmissions
* Skirts
* Grilles
* Instruments
* Rust Free Sheetmetal
* Engine Rebuild Kits
* Motor Mounts
* Frame Mounts
* Transmission Mounts
* King Pins
* Drag Links
* Wheels
* Bumpers
* Carburetors
* Generators
* Starters
Everything from nuts and bolts to complete cars.
Too many parts to list; call me for those hard to find parts!

© Copyright 2008 - 2020 Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club

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Ray at Classic Car Transport in Southington CT advertises in TWOTZ,  has also parted out many many LZ's and excellent LZ parts source, at Hershey ea year, a class act, very responsive. Very pleased with a dozens of the parts from him, he probably has rims you need, he has almost everything . 

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Great to find other vendors.  with these cars being some 80+ years old parts aren't easy to find.  We don't throw anything away as they are scarce. Some parts can be rebuilt too as most know, to keep these special automobiles on the road.  After all they are from an era when automobiles were made solid, not out of cheap metal and plastics, and the designs were spectacular to say the least.  Even with the issues of the V12's they are still some of the greatest vehicles every made!

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