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Worth restoring? 1970 ford xl convertible

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I found this rare 1970 XL  Convertible

 It's not a part of the Galaxy line but it is in conjunction with it


It has it 351 windser in it is all torn Up


Has nickel size holes in the hood about the size of my fist


The Top dash needs replacement 

 So do the  Carpets


The good the route convertible top doesn't look like it's torn but it needs to be fixed


Guy says it's been sitting for the last decade


He said He would take 2000 cash



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Worth restoring from a financial standpoint? No.


Worth restoring because it's interesting. Maybe.


Worth restoring because you like the car, you would enjoy the project, and you will have pride of ownership afterwards? Yes.

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If you want it, show him 10-100s and Ill bet you own it. My dad sold Fords from 1964- 1976 ( some of the great years) and w sold all ;lot of Galaxys and LTDs . I remember we got a new chocolate 4 door with copper sides on the doors. It was a "Bill Blass" edition and the sticker price was over $5000. We all just stood there and looked at it not believing our eyes! A $5000 dollar Ford! It sold fast ... in about a week.  When dad sold out I bought a new 1976 Ford F100 302 3 on the tree, red pickup. It had box rails , a step bumper and radio. My cost was dads price ... $2800.00 plus tax.

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I don't know if you've bought this car or not, or if you have experience with this kind of stuff, but here's my advice a couple of weeks late:


I bought a '65 T-bird in 2018 that has a very solid engine in it. I had a reputable shop check the tranny and rear end, and they said all that was OK. Previous owner(s) did most of the necessary brake work, put a new gas tank in it, put new tires on it, new shocks. Leather upholstery in nice shape, body fairly solid...minor fix is all I need. Had mostly good exhaust components. So, in 2018, I paid $3500 for this iconic 60's car that I could get in and drive on the highway at 70 mph as is without crashing or stalling. This puts my T-Bird WAY WAY ahead of where that Ford you're looking at is, despite your lower price.


Despite it's good points, however, I've come to realize that to make my T-Bird presentable will require that I have a minimum of $12,000 total invested in the project. And that won't get me a pristine car. That will give me a presentable (to my standards) driver that pristine T-Bird guys will look down on (not that I care.)


My point is this: It matters very little if you get that car for $2000 or $1000 or even $500. The purchase price will be a relatively small portion of what you'll need to spend to make that Ford an old car WORTH owning. If, on the other hand,  you've always wanted a red late '60's full size Ford convertible, and you've found one and you're willing to spend another 10 to 20 grand on to get it where it should be, you could buy it. Or, you could shop hard  and critically with 10 grand and maybe find something that is already sorted out, solid and presentable and has a lot less mystery to it. If you're Mr. Fixit, this could be a good project. If you're thinking this is an inexpensive way to get into an old car, you're likely wrong.

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Okay, here's what I'm talking about. Ebay buyer always beware, of course, but you could probably get this beautiful red '68 Galaxie convertible for $12k or less. Once the parts bills on that '70 start totaling 7-8 thousand, (and they will...and then some) you'd really kick yourself for not considering this car.


1968 Ford Other | eBay






































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