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2020 Buick National Meet - Canceled

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In consultation with the members of the National Meet Committee (NMC), the BCA Board of Directors (BOD) has voted to cancel the 2020 National Meet in Strongsville, Ohio.  There will be no BCA National Meet in 2020 due to the COVID 19 virus and our concern for our member’s safety. 


This was a difficult decision to make, but one we feel is in the best interests of the health and well-being of our members. We thank you for your patience while the Board weighed all the facts that went into this decision. We especially wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the Northeast Ohio Chapter for all their work that went into planning for what would have been a terrific meet this year.


We encourage our members to cancel any motel / hotel reservations that you have for this meet. We are in the process of refunding any entry fees for the 2020 National Meet. Please allow us some time to make these arrangements and get payment to you. People that paid by credit card will have refunds made to their credit card. Members that paid by check or by online will either have their check returned if not cashed or have a check from the BCA send to them.


The NMC and the BOD are in discussions with the Strongsville and Concord (Charlotte) groups for the future.


BCA Board of Directors 

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I just got the new Bugle, and there are a number of meets which have a big "CANCELLED" sign written through them.  However, the 2020 National in Strongsville does not.  Also, the registration simply says "On Hold".


I assume this means that the meet may still proceed??

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