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Keith L.

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Keith here. Most of you know me as the guy that makes Lincoln Zephyr interior plastic items. That’s true, however not only do I make knobs I also make other stuff for other makes of cars or projects that challenge or inspire me.


Case in point.


For some time now I’ve wanted to make a mold of a gearshift knob and be able to suspend objects in the clear resin. But what could I suspend in it?


Then I reached back into my teenage brain.


In my feckless and callow youth my friends and I would make fake coins using aluminum foil and a dime or quarter. We would carefully cut them out and place them on the floor in the halls of the my Junior High and wait till someone thought they found a dime, stoop over the pick it up and crumple the fake coin. Great fun. 


The clear resin in the dome acts as a magnifying lens so any object encased appears larger in size.


From time to time I’ll post other things I’m working on. Perhaps you may find them interesting.

dime 3.jpg


dime 4.jpg

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