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1985 Calais Parade cars at the Indy track

Barney Eaton

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Just found this photo I shot in 1985 at Indy........ don't recall if it was during qualification or race day.

It is from the grand stands along the main straight.... looking east..... garage area to the right of the photo.

1985 Indy 500.jpg

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10 minutes ago, Tom99 said:

I never said my Calais was a pace car.


You are correct. I misread your post. Sorry for that.


My car had a thermally-related issue with the throttle body injection. Under conditions of high coolant temp at the same time as high outside air temp, the EFI would sputter to a halt. Letting the car cool fixed the problem. Unfortunately, I was not then as savvy as I am now with how the TBI system worked, nor did I then have the diagnostic equipment I have now. The dealer service department was worthless and couldn't find the bad sensor. I got rid of the car as a result. I likely could find and fix it today, but that car is long gone.

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